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CMS Portfolio Page - Images Load into Lightbox?


I’m looking for a way to make a CMS portfolio/project template that will display images via lightbox—sort of like they are shown in Works(folder)>Summar at the Dub on my site. Optimally, I would love for the option to have two lightbox galleries for the same project/portfolio. So that I don’t have to either break up projects into multiple pages or combine everything into a single CMS gallery.

I’m thinking, maybe something to display the images uploaded to CMS fields (rather than the rich text field). This way, rich text fields can still have images dropped in.

Could there be a way to perhaps set up the page template, adding custom code, maybe like how oramsdesign does so in this post?

I don’t necessarily mind if this involves setting up two CMS items—one for the collection of images and another for the project page. I’m hoping this will save time in the long run, rather than having to manually build or copy and tweak each lightbox set without CMS.

What do you think? Any ideas? Your input is hugely appreciated :slight_smile:

Here is my public share link: LINK

Your request is quite broad, and may not be easily answerable/solvable via the forums as most of the community are designers. Would you like to move your post to the Freelance category instead?

Alternatively, you can also contact specialists like me or in the directory to custom code a solution for you.

Thank you @samliew you’ve got great ideas! I think I may have figured it out — getting caught up in other projects, though. If I figure it out, I’ll share it for everyone :slight_smile: