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CMS lightbox via click on 1 image

Hi all,

I’m trying to implement a functionality to my blog which I haven’t found a solution to.
The aim of my blog will be this:
Different articles about my photography, some about complete weddings I’ve shot with a lot of images and some just about how and why I took a certain shot or some tips and tricks for wedding photography

Now for complete weddings I would like to show about 60 images. For a much simpler blog post though I obviously won’t need as many so I thought of adding large amounts of images through a lightbox.
So I came up with the idea of having an article that contains a text with 4 images (populated via CMS image-fields). Then when you click on an image you would go to a lightbox (populated via CMS multi-image fields) and it would show a lot more.
This way, when I need fewer images, I just don’t add any to the lightbox (CMS multi-image fields) and you just see 4 in the main article. But when I need more I do add them and people can click on an image to open the lightbox.

I really haven’t found a way to get this to work though. I found some old workarounds for making lightboxes with custom code, but if I’m not mistaken in all cases, this means all the images in the lightbox would also show in the article.

Is there a way with CMS to have 1 image link to an entire lightbox of multiple images?

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