CMS Lightbox Solution?

So instead of doing separate pages for each of my projects in my CMS collection, I wanted to do a Lightbox instead. However, when I add a lightbox to the CMS lists, it obviously uses the same media/link for all the different projects. Is there a workaround for this?


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Hi @alexanderte

There is a work around, you can search in the forums for a few other solutions possibly, but here is one that I use a lot… You can make your own with interactions too, but the one below allows you to use the left-right arrows.

Have fun!

Thank you! But how does this work? Where do I place the ‘embed’ element?

The embed element goes where you want the images to be displayed. You add the images to the CMS and the code grabs that image for user in the Lightbox.

If this is something you’re going to need, I would suggest opening up the preview of the demo and having a play around with it to familiarise yourself with it. The bridal pages on this website use it: and it’s all done via the CMS.

You can also create a manual one using interactions in a pop up modal, but you won’t be able to press back or forward arrows, instead you have to close each image before opening the next.

Thank you for the prompt response!
I am still quite confused as to what I need to do.
Here is my website preview link:
What I am trying to do is have my portfolio pages to pop up as images/video as lightbox links instead.
Thank you in advance for your help!

Just following up for my previous reply ! ^
If you could help me out with this issue with the additional info I have provided, that would be great! Thank you!