CMS performance when pushing the max limits

I have a (hobby) wine tasting note website currently hosted in Drupal 7 and in need of a makeover, with currently about 7000 tasting notes. I could get a CMS Business subscription for up to 10000 entries, but I am a bit concerned about speed when handling that many items, both in editing as well as when users visit the site or filter/search results etc… Any opinions?

I’d love as well an integration where I could use Webflow as a front-end and something like Google Sheets or an AWS hosted relational DB as a backend, but haven’t found any easy solutions there (and my JS knowledge is not good enough to create that myself)…

So what to do? Is Webflow CMS a worthy alternative for 10000 entries? Or should I look elsewhere?

Thanks & cheers --Mike

Hi @Michiel_Carpentier

Your site will load almost instantly regardless of how many cms items are stored. When you click publish, a static version of each collection page is uploaded to Fastly/AWS. Webflow sites are extremely fast for that reason. As for working within a project, I have never had a site that has that many CMS items so wouldn’t be able to comment, although Webflow has done a large amount of work improving this lately.

Lastly, I’d just like to add: filtering collection lists is not native to Webflow at this time. You can create categories and have category pages, but if you want live filtering, take a look at finsweet’s solution.

Webflow is by far the best CMS I have used for speed and customisability. If you can make it work for your use case, I’m sure you’ll find it a dream to work with.

Hope that helps

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