CMS Limits - alternative solution required

Hey everyone,

I’m about to relaunch my site and realised I’m reaching the limits of my plan (CMS).

Considering switching to Business. When it says 10k CMS items, it’s most logical that this refers to a “cell” rather than a “listing” (meaning multiple “cells” in a row). Is my assumption correct?

Also, when having other CMS collections in a project, all “items” of any CMS are cumulated, correct?

The situation for my project is the following: I’m having a database with 2.5k items, each one has 8 attributes (can limit to 5 or 6 I guess). It seems this goes beyond the limits of Business and therefore gets quite expensive. As this is a free site I want to keep the costs low.

Does anyone have ideas how I could manage this? I need Webflow as a no-code environment but would be open to plug in an Airtbale/G-Sheet or an external CMS. Or use any lowkey backend solutions (e.g. Supabase).

You see I’m not very experienced with these things. So maybe someone knowledgeable can help me, realise the site update.


For example: this solution could work, but I’m afraid the performance will be very slow. The site should load okayishly fast. Google Sheets data in Webflow - Webflow

In your spreadsheet paradigm, an item is a row. In business plan you can have 10,000 total rows in the CMS, each of which have 40 fields.

Yes, the 10k is a total across all collections.

Works totally fine on Business plan. Lots of rom to grow.

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Thanks for your reply and clarification @memetican