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CMS page or normal page

Hi everyone! After using webflow for a few weeks, I have learnt a lot and am loving using the software.

Currently I am rebuilding a course website for a client which I previously made in Muse. It has around 20 courses, with each course having its own page. Is it better (in which I mean speed, searchability, ect) to create individual pages for these courses or to create a collection page and treat each course almost as a blog post? The courses are all (layout wise) identical, with the only difference being the text and imagery.

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I would say if you can use a collection page to do it. That would be much better. Saves a huge amount of time. As long as everything is pretty much the same design wise. I even have used the template pages to vary slightly by putting switches to hide content if sections aren’t applicable on some templates but are for others. It also allow expansion if your client wants to add in parts of the course in the future. And if you set up the collection to guide them. They can do it themselves.

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Hi, @WillNeeteson

With Webflow CMS you will get individual pages for each course (based on one template that you will create) AND possibility to show them as blogposts.


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Thank you @jbleroux and @sabanna, I’ll get started right away!

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