Collections 301 Redirect Help

Hello! I am new to Webflow, and purchased and designed my portfolio site using a template. I’ve added “projects” through the provided CMS collection and am having issues with every one of my projects returning a 404 page after publishing the site. I’ve connected a custom domain I purchased through GoDaddy, and my “About” and “Contact” pages are working just fine, as is the Projects landing page itself. The issue arises when trying to navigate to any specific project.

I looked into the link provided in University and it makes mention of setting up 301 redirects from “old URLs” to “new URLs,” but I have no idea what the old URLs are, or even where to find them.

I tried creating a new project and trying to figure out the Old URLs from there, but everything is appearing with my custom domain. I even tried duplicating the site and starting from scratch, and the problem persists.

Help, please!

Here is my site Read-Only:

Visit your projects CMS page settings and make sure it’s set to publish.

Hi Michael, all of my projects are showing as published, and in the page settings, there isn’t anything that I can see that sets anything as publish.

Never mind! Figured it out! Thank you!

:laughing: It suddenly makes sense when you see it, but yeah it’s weird that it seems to be defaulted to off in some situations.