CMS Limiting Item is skipping an Item

Hello Guys,

maybe someone can help me or had the same Issue before.

I have an CMS Collection and only want to show 1 item in this collection, so I set my limit to 1 as you can see here and it should start at item 2:

When I change the starting item number to 3, the content stays the same like number 2 as you can see here:

When I change it to 4, the content is right again as you see here:

Here is a screenshot of the CMS data that you can see I really have a different item in number 3:

I really don´t know why the CMS List does’t show the 3rd Item…maybe anyone here have an solution or had the same problem.

I would really appreciate your help guys, thank you for that.

Hello @Fabian_Alt , in order to see the issue please share the Read-Only Link: Share your site and invite collaborators - Webflow University Documentation

Hi Fabian, set the sort order on those collection lists first.