CMS bug? a few CMS items are not appearing on the page

Encountering a CMS issue. Seems like 1-2 CMS items do not show on the page even though I have the correct fields and toggle switch on. for example attached the CMS setting that are directing the CMS item to that page but it not appearing on the actual page.
This is also happening on other pages and just want to see if we can resolve it on this one first.

Here is my site Read-Only: (Scissor Films - Our Work | Virtual Production)
([how to share your site Read-Only link][2])Webflow - Scissor Films

Here’s your virtual production data-

You have two lists, one which shows only items where Virtual Production header is Yes ( the second item above ).

The second list I think is meant to show everything else, but here’s what you’ve specified;

The problem I think is at some point you changed your approach, but you’ve left the Display Limits setting, so you’re showing “everything else”, but starting at item #2, so you get only 4 of the 5 items showing.

Remove that and this approach should work ok.

thank you! adjusting the limit items fixed it