CMS items not appearing after publishing

Hi webflowers,

I’m trying to add cms items to my collection and it’s not appearing.

A colleague had been adding items to the collection list last week and all uploaded except for 1, titled “PreVenture Online Information Sheet”.

I’ve tried troubleshooting and publishing test items, and now nothing seems to be uploading to the collection. I haven’t reached my cms item limit - not even close.

I’m sure it’s a simple fix but can’t seem to figure it out. I can publish cms items to my News collection and they appear, no problem.

If someone could look into this and tell me why cms items in the following pages are not appearing, that would be much appreciated:

  • Facilitator-Dashboard / Resource Library
  • Trainer-Dashboard / Resource Library

Thanks very much.


Can someone please provide some insight on this please?

Please excuse the criminal naming conventions as this was my first project hahaha.

Thanks in advance.

Can you provide a more specific example e.g. which CMS items are not appearing?