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Help! Strange bug - Only some CMS images will display

I have 9 items in a CMS gallery. When I load the page, sometimes only 3 or 4 of the CMS items will load. Other times maybe 8 or all 9 of them will load. Every time I re-publish the site, the number seems to be different.

The images that don’t show up have a size of 0x0 pixels for some reason. Instead of seeing the image, all I can see is their 1px shadow. (See screenshots below)


hmm, there seems to be something with the lazy loading that causes this problem. When removing the “loading=lazy”-tag, they all seem to work fine.

Looking at your preview, your collection list items are set to display absolute which was causing major issues. Otherwise things looked alright to me.

Thanks it does look like this is causing the issue! Any suggestions on what to change?

I might just try to create and link a new CMS Collection with the same images and everything because lazy loading works on every other page that I have.

For now I have set my images on that page to loading = auto which should work until I find a better solution. Thanks

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