SVG import to CMS, broken?

I’m following along with the ‘Create a custom portfolio’ tutorial. In one part of this tutorial you are to setup a CMS collection of clients and logos. The logos are SVG type and when I go to import the CSV file with links it instead shows a JSON file in the preview panel. Result is the same if I try to “Replace” the image and manually choose the logo file from the folder on my desktop. Any idea what’s going on here?


Could you maybe share a link to your SVG file? I will try to test it in a different environment.

Hi @danoszz, here are links to the files (the forum won’t allow SVG uploads). Thanks for offering to take a look at this.


They seem to be working in my environment when I downloaded them from your links. What about you clean the SVG’s with a tools such as SVGOMG. Will they work afterwards?

I tested with 2 logos (CBS, Adobe) and after running the SVGOMG they did appear in the collection preview panel:


However, those 2 logos are now missing from my collection list inside the editor:


Here is a link to the project if it helps?:

Good to hear! Thanks for sharing your project link. It seems that the logo’s are not showing due to the layout of the collection list + unstyled width of the collection items.

If you change it to a 5-column layout they will appear:

Hope this solves your problem.

Thanks! That’s interesting because those 2 icons were visible when I had the set to the PNG versions. Maybe it’s because the PNGs have a set resolution/dimensions… Anyhow, it works - thank you for the help!

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