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CMS help please!

Thank you for reading! This is the read-only link:

Would appreciate a little help on the following:

  • For the vertical mobile view, the navbar on hover changes the color of the text to black, I’m hoping that the text can remain white. How would you go about doing that?
  • With css/ javascript, it’s easy to add a fixed secondary navigation bar that corresponds to the id of section headings on a content page. Is there any easy way to do that with CMS? I don’t think the “project details” on the CMS dashboard will be able to do that. Ideally, I also want to change navigation active state on scroll. Is that possible?
  • A more straight forward question, this is about background images. I want to link the project image in CMS to the CMS content page background. I can get a background image onto “w-title”, but don’t seem to be able to link it to CMS. What would you recommend doing in this scenario?
  • How do you adjust the margins/ paddings on the “project details” of the CMS content page? Both paddings and margins seem to be at 0 for all Body/ Div Block/ main section/ Proj_body-wrap/ Proj_body.
  • I’m trying to add a parallax scrolling effect onto the home page content. I’ve created a new field within the CMS called “parallax overlay”, but I don’t seem to be able to add the same “cropping”. Any thoughts on that?

Thank you again!

Open the symbol
Select the menu button
Settings tab: Open Menu
Select an item (not the current one, the second for example, on home)
Style tab: open the selector state menu
Select hover (don’t freak out if the menu closes, your item is still selected)
Set to white and set any other visual parameter

It’s now white on hover on mobile portrait.

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If there’s a reasonable maximum number of sections, maybe. You need one field per section in your collection settings. And for each, the fields you need under that section (title, RT…) Be careful you have a limited number of fields to use per collection.

Then is for example you set the maximum to three sections, when entering a new CMS item, you’ll put the name of the section in each field, let’s say for the example you only put names in the first two, for a page with two sections. Sec1 and Sec2.

Then you’ll use custom code blocks in the template page to declare IDs where you need them. Just an empty div with the ID will do, then after each, the content.

Then, you’ll use custom code again to craft your sub/page menu, using the fields for the names of the menu items and the code for the anchor links. You’ll use one block for each section/menu item, so you can set conditional visibility to hide the undefined sections/items, using “show if set” rule.

Do you follow the logic here? Your worst enemy here is going to be the limited number of fields. If you can’t go over that, craft a nice menu in wf and use JS to control it.

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Why aren’t you able to use a CMS image anywhere in a Collection list or Collection template page? Select a div, go to Settings tab, and check the bg-image purple block. Maybe I’m misunderstanding you here.

Did not understand those 2, mind giving images, screenshots, examples?

Hi @vincent!

Thank you for answering!

I see what you mean about the purple block. I didn’t realize that CMS has its own separate panel. Got the background figured out.

How do you edit the margins/ paddings here? This is under projects template, in the div “Proj_body”, from the CMS section “Project Details”.

This is the effect I want to achieve. I’m hoping to do this on the home page for each of the 3 CMS sections, and on the background (first 100vh) of the 3 project pages. What are your thoughts?