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Would appreciate some help on CMS!

Thank you for reading!

I’m hoping to have your thoughts on adding the parallax scrolling effect to images within a CMS section. I don’t seem to be able to apply an effect to the class of all images.

There is also one more issue concerning the customization of titles for one particular CMS page with a dark background. How would you make the titles on the page white?

Thank you in advance!

Here’s my read-only link:


Hey Marvin!
Though I don’t have an answer for your problem with Parallax + CMS section, I can provide a solution that I personally used to control typography styling for specific CMS items. Idk if there’s an easier way, but this is what I did:

What you can do is edit your CMS Collection Settings (in this case, the Projects settings) and add a field (either a toggle or actual color field) and then adjust your H1 element styling to be black when the toggle is off and white when the toggle is on. OR have it pull the desired color as set up in the collection item.