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How to make different colour appear when in the hover state for a CMS project?

I want the background of my projects to have a colour appear when being hovered over. How do I do this for a CMS project, so the colours can be different.


Here is my public share link: Webflow - Zach Dinge Portfolio

Hey @zachdinge

One way of doing that would be to have a div that covers the whole project div with an opacity of 0%.
Then with an animation on mouse hover on the project div, you can set the opacity of the background div to 100%.

Hope its clear :slight_smile:
Have a nice day !

Hi Jean, thanks for responding!

It works, however I want the two projects in the CMS to have different background colours.
Sorry I am just unsure how to the make CMS project designs different to each other without them affecting one another.

Can you illustrate ? The 2 projects on the homepage have their own color linked to the CMS.