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Missing CMS content in tablet view and drop shadow


I’m not sure why the CMS content is missing from my tablet view. It is there for all other views eg. the desktop, mobile etc. Also, I’m trying to add a drop shadow after the last CMS row. For some reason, the box shadow would only show above the content, but not below. Any help is much appreciated!

Here is the read-only link:

Thank you!

Hey Marvin! Welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

I took a look at your Read-Only link and I’m not seeing any issues at the moment with visibility of the CMS content… Can you point me in the right direction of what content is missing on the Tablet breakpoint? Screenshots would be helpful if you could, but whatever works!

Hey Matt, thank you immensely for your reply!

This is the current tablet view. The page jumps straight to the footer.

This is the content the tablet view should display. It’s in the desktop view, and mobile views.

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Got it! Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I’ll take a look right now.

Here’s what I’m seeing on my end for your CMS page:

Is this different from what you see?

Sorry! Terminology error. I meant home page CMS columns within the wrapper. Compare the Desktop view and tablet view there.

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No worries! That was a mistake on my end – I didn’t look closely enough at your screenshots. Here’s what I’m seeing on the home page on both the Desktop and Tablet breakpoints.

Does this differ from what you see?

I think there’s a glitch. The content disappears when I open it in Safari, but shows up when I open it in Chrome. Should be okay now! Was wondering if I can have your thoughts on the drop shadow as well. For some reason, the box-shadow shows up on the top edge of the content, but not on the bottom edge?

Thanks again!

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No prob! What’s the desired placement of the box-shadow? Are you wanting the shadow to appear at the bottom edge of each “section”?

I’m trying to get just one box-shadow beneath the third/ last “section” on the home page!

Hmm, that’s odd — I’m not sure why it’s not working as expected. (Though I’ve never used box-shadows before, so I’m likely unfamiliar with how to properly use it.)

A work-around (until someone who actually knows how box-shadows work answers) is to add the shadow to your footer instead of to your collection list. (cc: @rileyrichter — got any ideas?)

Tried that! The box shadow doesn’t show up on the footer. I thought it might have to do with the z-index, but I can’t find the z-index button on the dashboard. @rileyrichter any thoughts?

Another problem I’m having is with the background image for the three home screen sections. I stumbled upon the function that lets me control the positioning (% left, % top), but I can’t find it again. Bit of help with that? Thank you for your replies btw!

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I was able to get the drop-shadow to appear via your read-only link by applying to the footer, though it may be hard to see with your design, as your 3rd and final collection item has a dark image background.

Are these the settings you’re referring to? If so, select your “column” element and head to the Backgrounds setting. Click on the “example-bg.png” and you should be able to modify it!

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Thank you for your help! Got the background image position sorted!

You’re right about being able to add a drop shadow on the footer, but the layering “logic” is off. Adding a shadow on the footer puts the soft edge on the CMS column, implying that the footer layer is above the CMS column. The opposite should be the case, so I’m still searching for a drop shadow solution.

Did you guys ever get the box-shadow figured out? I would be happy to take a look if you can spell out exactly which element you are trying to apply the box shadow to - and whether you want an inner or outer shadow.

Hi @myonke! The effect I’m trying to achieve is a drop shadow outside/ beneath the last CMS column on the home page. Would appreciate your thoughts!

@marvinc - like this?