CMS filters that the users can choose


I’m working on a website where people can find sheet music. I’m using CMS to store all the sheet music, and I know there are some manual filters you can add to filter what CMS items show up in the list.

Is it possible to have some buttons to let the user do that?

So that if they want a song that has the filters X and Y they press the buttons X and Y and only those items will show up in the list.

Would custom code be mandatory to do so?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello @Agirres,

Yes I believe you will need some custom code to do that.
Have a look at the beautifully made mixitup filter tutorial from @sabanna:

Hope that helps!

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Thanks, @anthonysalamin !

For a moment I thought that was the solution, but I later realised that what I need is more complicated.

Imagine I have two filter sets, “Instruments” and “Time Signatures”.

Under “Instruments” I choose “flute” and “sax”, and I expect sheet music that has both instruments, plus any other extra instrument that it may have (“and” filter).

Under “Time Signatures” however, I can choose “4/4”, “3/4” and “6/8”, and I expect sheet music that has any of those three, or multiple of those three, so not requiring all of them (“or” filter).

Is it possible to have a mixture of both “and” and “or” filters in a set of multiple filtering lists?

It may look something like this:

I’ve been searching for a solution for a long time but I haven’t found anything.

Thanks in advance :smiley:

Hi @Agirres,

Sure, the “and” / “or” are notion that are of course usable ! To my knowledge there is mixitup that do it and isotope. The and / or logic will imply some custom code.

Hope that helps