CMS filtering and search from another page

Does anyone know if it’s possible to do filtering and search on Webflow from a different page? I mean without using third party apps like Jetboost and Algolia.

I think I saw a how to video or tutorial page somewhere by Finsweet or some other company, but I can’t seem to find it anymore.

Thank you.

Setup Finsweet’s CMS Filter & CMS Load ( if needed ) on your filtered page.
Enable the querystring feature.

You’ll then be able to call that page with e.g. ...?make=ferrari and the filter will auto select and apply.

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Hi, By query string feature, do you mean the info on the link below:

On a slightly separate note, if you had something like Finsweet search and filter vs Jetboost, and say you had 1,000 items on your CMS, which is more likely to slow down your website?

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No, it’s part of the CMS filter docs.

Difficult to say. On the first visit for a user, FS filter would make 10 page requests in the background, i.e. 1000 / 100. Those are fairly quick, because there is no rendering, no images are loaded, no scripts or CSS… just the HTML page. At that point it’s cached.

3,000 records is about my maximum I’d recommend for FS CMS Filter and then I’d be looking at Jetboost. Fairly certain Jetboost duplicates your CMS and then does filtered queries directly to their server. All of that requires infrastructure, so it’s not free. I haven’t really worked with JB much.


Hi Michael, I know asking a lot of you, please share if you know the specific page that shows how to do querystring feature on the Finsweets website.

Also, if anyone else knows about querystring feature and you have seen the guide on this, please share it on this thread. Thank you so much.

In the CMS filter docs-

It’s this part-

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