Cross page search bar

Hi, I am creating a page for my company and was wondering if there is a solution for a search bar that links to a CMS navigation page, where only the item searched in the search bar on the other page will show in the collection on the new page. I then would like the option to attached a category and have a filter where the category will be highlighted depending on the category of the item searched in the search bar on the separate page. I know the filter and search option is available with Finsweet, but now sure of how to do this cross pages.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Harry, you’re on the right path.
Look deeper into the FS docs and you’ll find how to pass your filter settings into your search results page by querystring.

On your other pages, your “search” box would then need to have some custom script to create and load your results page with the appropriate querystring for FS Filter.

That will get you e.g. matches based on a partial text string.

As to your question about auto-selecting other filter items ( like category ), you’d need to write custom code to trigger that, and to do it only if ALL of the current results happen to be in the same category.

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Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, very helpful!