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CMS Filter for visitors

Hi all,

I’m on a new project! Bridal.
I’m re-designing a bridal website with CMS so that the owners can update the dresses. I have thought that when they upload the images, they add the style number of the dress, and also select the designer, and I will reference different collections for example “white” “tea-length” “ivory” “lace” and so on… so they will select all that apply.

My question is… for the visitors, if they want to select multiple categories e.g “white” + “lace” + “knee-length” is there a way that they page will adapt so it only shows those selected, and then so they can clear the filter, and it shows all dresses again. Or… is there and easier answer, and am I over complicating things?

If you know of any similar examples that I would be able to look at so I can reverse engineer that would be great!!!

Thank you!


If you need more complicated filters like these, you should hire a web developer.

On mobile it’s just a page that says “please wait”. Is this link just for desktop?

Thank you, by the way Samliew for pointing me to the isotope thread. It looks complicated but I like a challenge, I’ll create a sandbox to have a go at it.


This is awesome! Just got it working, in order to get it working I had to remove capitalized letters and spaces from the referenced collection items (categories).

Is there a workaround to accommodate collection items with two words? Im thinking the category collection could have another field with actual name, and then have a 1 word name for the “name” field, then reference “actual name” in the post thumbnail.

Use the slug field…

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