Hello guys, i’m new to the CMS thing on webflow…

We purchased a template for a new site that includes a wonderful blog cms thing… Once we export the files it came that CMS and forms cannot be exported… KILL ME!

Is there a way to export it without using webflow hosting?, if not how can i make my cms blog work on webflow?

Si alguien puede responder en español sería perfecto.


La respuesta corta es que no puede exportar sitios web CMS desde Webflow. Puede exportar sitios web statics (no CMS), pero no sitios web de CMS, porque los sitios web de CMS utilizan una infraestructura compleja en el server, que no puede replicar en sus propios servidores.

Los sitios web de CMS tienen que estar alojados con Webflow. Así que si desea que su nombre de dominio (.com u otro) funcione con su sitio CMS, tiene que pagar por un alojamiento CMS con Webflow. (a partir de $16 por mes).

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There seems to be this myth that you can’t host CMS sites yourself and its just not true. All you need to do is to download your published site and put it into your own hosting rather than relying on the Webflow code export functionality.

I’ve almost finished making a video where I show how to do this. You should check it out once I publish it.

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Wow it’s just what I was thinking, I’m following this Jasondark, thank you.

I don’t think this myth exists at all. What you’re describing is to download the flat copy of a CMS website and publish it as static on any hosting. Hosting a CMS website and being able to update it using the CMS back end is a different thing.

Downloading, or vacuuming a complete site, is never as easy and fast as it seems. It’s really an edge case.

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Yes you’re right, that’s what I was describing - only hosting which means you’re not going to have access to the Webflow CMS editor. I haven’t personally had issues downloading complete sites, but cases vary of course.

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See if this video helps at all. It’s subtitled in English so turn that on if my accent is too hard to understand :smiley:


Thanks Jason for the comments and video, i didn’t understand all but i want to host in a different hosting provider than firebase, what is the easiest way to download the flat copy of my CMS blog (I know it won’t work cms, i need only static) and upload them to my hosting?

Just download it from Webflow designer menu (the normal recommended way). This will give you a zip file that contains all your site files except for anything to do with CMS.

Yeah I did that, but didn’t get a thing from my blog :worried: I thought it would give me the html files to show the static flat page or something, but it’s only a blank space.

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Yes that’s precisely how it works if you download a CMS site from the Webflow designer - it leaves out all the CMS content.

The other option is to download the site yourself using the script method I showed in my video. This includes all content, but obviously you won’t be able to use the Webflow editor as you’re not hosting with Webflow.

Yeah i know i won’t be able to use the editor, but maybe there is a what so simply show the pages, i mean without CMS function?

Anyone knows?

It’d been a real headache that we cannot show the blog from our hosting service :cold_sweat: