CMS Embed Code Video Not Working


I’m struggling with custom-coded CMS elements. I want each case study to show a specific Video. I have created a CMS text element to input the video URL. This solution works fine on other pages, like this one.

But on my overview page, the videos won’t show. Any ideas what I’m missing?

Thank you!

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK](Webflow - Victoria Gassmann Brand Consultant)
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@victoria_sofie - No video other than slot 3 or 4 on julienne, don’t see an issue on lumen regarding the case studies template. FYI: Anytime you are using custom code or there are rendering issues on the published project ( or a custom domain) you need to share the URL to the page(s) where the problem exists.

When referencing pages or elements in the designer please be as specific as possible. People tend not to have much time for discovery to assist.

As for the /work “overview page” there is no video in the CMS item for julienne. Thus no video.

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Hi Jeff, I understand, and thank you. I appreciate the help!

I have now uploaded URLs for both case studies in the CMS, but the problem persists.
Here’s a link to the sub-page (overview case studies).

The same embed code solution works fine on the detail page (link here)

Any idea what I can check next?

Thank you!

It’s a CSS issue not an asset issue. You have a div wrapper around the video and the w-background-video w-background-video-atom classes are causing your issue. Sometimes copy and paste cause issues when webflow base classes are involved.

Ahhhh thank you! It worked :slight_smile: