Video not being added in CMS!

Hello Community, this is my first post and I am a returning user for Webflow to rebuild my portfolio. I have bought a template and I am trying to utilize it and publish when ready.

I wanted to add some videos in between CMS Cases (individual portfolio work) so I went over and did these steps:

  1. Go to CMS Collections and open up Settings for Cases
  2. Added a custom field for “Video” and located that row where I want it to be visualized.
  3. Added the link and published.

Even though the link has been added properly and all, it wouldn’t show up in the actual website. I checked the navigator, and it wasn’t there also.

What am I doing wrong? Please help out Webflow masters.

Here is my read only link to the following work page:

Hi Alvin, not sure where you’re having problems.
Most of your Cases do not have a video, but “Twitch Squad” does, in the video 1 field.

In your collection / collection lists bound to Cases, you’d drop a video element and then bind it to that field in order to display it.

If you’ve done that and are still having issues you might need to do a video to show exactly what you’re doing and where, and what kind of problem you’re encountering.

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Hi Alvin, I think I know exactly what you mean!

I have just myself bought a template, where I had to add video.

the 3 steps you described is perfectly correct, you are just missing the last step.
The first 3 steps are just adding the video in your backend - you need to also add it in the frontend (in order to where it should actually be located on your site).

What you ned to do

  • When looking at that site or subsite you want the video to be placed - open the “Add Elements” -menu (shortcut: A). Then choose Video.

Tip: I think you can just drag and drop, but I found it usefull to use the navigator in order to place the video-field in just the right spot, by selecting the correct layer, and then add the video-field in “Add Elements”.

Remember - After adding the video field, you need to connect it to your backend data by selecting it under you video fields settings.