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CMS Editor for mobile

Hi All,
Not so long ago I lost a client because they couldn’t edit their site on a mobile device. Is there a good CMS that is editable on mobile that can be used with a Webflow hosted site?

What does everyone use?

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I don’t see how the two could exist together. If you are hosting on webflow, you are using the webflow designer / editor / and potentially CMS features. Am I misunderstanding what you are trying to do? Maybe design a site in webflow, and integrate that design into another CMS hosted elsewhere? Let me know and I will try to answer you.

Thankyou for your response,

My desired outcome would be a Webflow hosted site that, I could (if needed) bolt on a CMS editor that is accessible on a mobile. Somebody recommended Perch for example. If you are saying that it is not possible to host a site on Webflow and also use a third party CMS then Webflow need to pull their fingers out and make it possible to edit their CMS on mobile devices or they will lose potential customers. Personally speaking I wouldn’t want to edit CMS on a mobile but it is definitely a feature that clients are asking for. In this particular case I have already lost the work so this is a hypothetical question in case I get asked in the future. Unfortunately at the moment if I mention that I use Webflow as a development tool I tend to get a negative reaction - which is unfounded but ironing out these gaps in features would go a long way to fixing that problem.

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That is correct as there is no way to provide access to another tool that I am aware of.

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Hopefully Webflow can fix this in the not too distant future, I’ve already added my votes to the wishlist.

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@johnminshall - You’re welcome. Thank you for taking the time to add your vote to the wish-list.

I just read another article that mentioned a free app (mobile and tablet) called PhoneFlow. It’s made by a third party, with some ads, but seems to do the trick! Still, Webflow should make their own version at some point.