Can I add an entry to Collections with a mobile device?

I want to be able to add to my collections regardless of device. Unless I’m missing something, Webflow editor/designer must be accessed on a desktop device, otherwise, you get the “Your screen is too small” error.

I understand why this would be the case for designer, but is there any way to access Collections CMS on a mobile device?

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Not at this time. Publishing only works with the editor with full browsers.

Is this something that’s in the pipeline?

I want to write a blog post whilst on the go on my mobile phone but this isn’t possible is that correct?

My work around is to set up a jotform, enter all the same fields as in my database and then submit it where I will have to pay a third party to copy the information into the CMS using a computer.

Is this the best way or am I missing something?

No computer - no new content. Is that correct?

Many thanks.

Tools like Make / zapier can automate your workflow. So it is doable.