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Hello weblfow community,

I ask for your help about a specific issue with CMS that I struggle to solve alone.

I have a website homepage with a CMS collection divided into four part :

1st : a section with a main post

2nd : A section with four posts less important

3rd : A section with another higlighted post

4th : A section with four more less important post.

My question is about the first section : My customer would like to be able to post one OR two articles in this section. Which means that, when there is only one article showed, i would like it to be centered.

But, when I’m using conditionnal visibility on my div block, I must chose two column layout to keep it horizontal aligned when there are two posts.

But when I got only one post showed, it remains aligned on the left and the space for the second post stays and remains empty.

So, is it a way to force the post to be centered when there is only one item and aligned as a two column when there are two items showed?

Here is my read-only link :

Thank you a lot for your help,

François Genette

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You can set the the collection list to flex, and the collection item to stretch.
So when there’s one item, it will be 100% width, and 50% when there’s 2 items.

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Thank you very much for your help :slight_smile: