CMS collection two column responsive

Hello everyone,

it’s my first time posting. I tried to find the answer in previous post but I could’nt.

I’m trying to make a portfolio. I struggled with grid so I decided to use CMS collection.
I need to colums, for the moment it works. BUT, I would like to make it responsive. So when I’m on the site on a mobile phone, I still have two columns and not one.
Do you think it’s possible with CMS collection ? Or do you I have to make a grid content?

There is almost nothing on this project for now but,

Here the share read link

and the other link

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Why would you want 2 columns on mobile? Everything will be too small to see it… it looks and works fine with one column

That IS responsive design

Thank you for your answer.

Actually, a friend of mine has a portfolio site ( ) and on mobile phone there is two columns and I like it like that. Yes it’s tiny, but I think it’s ok.