Need help with CMS Blog Posts and Responsive Blog Posts in mobile portrait


I’m new to Webflow and testing its features before purchasing a plan. I got stuck while creating my CMS blog post with 2 issues.

The first issue is that the blog post on my second row first column disappears, and subsequent blog posts are displaced by one unit of blog post to the right. It may now appear at your breakpoint, but if you were to test my site at different breakpoints, you would understand what I mean.
My website: Webflow - Institute of Insights

The second issue is about responsive design. When I shrank the website to mobile view, the images got squeezed into the left column, and it looked unpleasant. If I can’t have it to the left of my text in the collection list without making the picture too small or distorted, then I would need to place the image thumbnail on top of my summary text in the collection list. Can someone guide me how I should do this? Or offer other solutions?

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