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Spacing probleme when showcasing my CMS Collection

Hello, I discovered Webflow recently and i started building a website showcasing some artworks and posters. I want to have a page showing all the posters but cannot find a way to arrange them properly using the CMS collection I created. The best way would be to have all the posters and titles under them stack on top of each others without creating a mess.

First the problem I have :
There is space and I have no idea why it is like that

I tried defining a fixed height but it leaves also a lot of space with smaller posters :

Thanks in advance for any advice or help :slight_smile:

HTML is a flow of elements. They stack one after another or one below antoher, depending on how CSS properties are set. There’s many ways to achieve what you want.

Could you please share your site’s read-only link?

Sure ! It’s :

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hi @guillaumeC,

You shared the published link.
@vincent needs a read only link to investigate.

Here is how you can share a read only link :slight_smile:

Have a nice day

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You’ve fixed your issue by setting a fixed height to the item element. You can remove that and revert to Auto, and use Flexbox on the collection list, check the video.

Thanks a lot for the time you took to answer my problem you really helped me. I’m gonna fix everything now thanks again ! :smile:

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