CMS Date Suffix

Hello everyone.

Is there a way to format the day suffix for a CMS date (i.e. the “th” in 13th, the “rd” in 3rd)?

Thanks in advance!

Hey Boon, can you give a few examples of the fully formatted date you trying to create?

You bet, thanks for responding.

I’m looking for this style format:
Feb 14th
Mar 3rd
June 2nd

Thanks again

Yes you can do that, but it either requires custom JS, or a embed field hack.
Here’s the hack approach.

EDIT: Just noticed you wrote “June”, not “Jun”. If you want the full month name use MMMM Do ( 4 M’s )

If you want to go the JS approach, I’ve added an SA5 attribute for this;

Just add the lib to your page, and then two custom attributes on the date element;

  • wfu-format-handler = moment
  • wfu-format-date = MMMM Do

For your date element, I recommend you set the date format to one of Webflow’s YYYY-MM-DD format options to ensure good parsing regardless of your locale.