CMS Collections Consolidation & 20 Collections Limit

Im trying to add multiple categories into one collection. Here is a link for the page that I’m working on for more explanation

Currently if you look at the Menu page there are 20 categories (eg Appetizer, Soups…)
Each Category has multiple items under it as you can see on the link provided
We want to have a collection with all 20 categories (in drop down format) so when a new item is added on the menu, it can be pointed to the correct category to be displayed on the page

The other option is to have a separate Collections for each category on the Menu (Appetizer, Soups, Salads…)
But there are 20 Categories on the Menu which will take all the available Collection pages (limit of 20 pages) and we also have a Specials page on the site that has a Collections page. Plus if we ever want to add another category on the menu, we will run into issues cuz of the limit

You don’t need a collection for every category, you need a collection called categories and then reference your items to that specific category with the field type:

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