Help building collections

I’m building a site for a restaurant. Need help thinking out the best way build the collections and relations between them. They have around 30 main dishes to choose from and they can of course change over time. They also have a lunch meny monday to friday with maybe three dishes on each day and theres new dishes every week. And also specials. How would you go with collections and templates so it is as easy as possible for client to update?

I think I got it. Had to think a little bit different but thats ok. For the dishes I make one big collection, maybe with categories. Then one collection for the lunch meny. This collection will have a multi reference to the dishes so the editor can choose which dishes to be displayed on each day. And here was the problem, if I’m correct this can only be done on a template page. I wanted to display this on the (static) home page. But I can link to the correct lunch week item from home page instead.