CMS Collections and filtering

Im currently making a site which offers a bunch of courses and have Jurisdictions & Categories attached to them.

Ive successfully setup finsweets complex filtering (thanks dude) which works fantastic however my client needs to have a link directly to pre-filtered content for example;
category/courses/jurisdiction/pre-filtered content

Finsweets method is awesome but it doesn’t generate a string that you can copy and link to a pre defined(filtered) page (understandably).

So my actual problem is i need to create the ability to have a category page listing all the courses but also have the ability to filter this category by Jurisdiction so a multi level filter.

Ive been racking my brain on how to do it and couldn’t figure it out.

My collections are setup as follows;


  • Name
  • Category (multi reference)
  • Jurisdiction (single reference)
  • Description


  • Name
  • Description


  • Name

Hope that makes sense

Why not just make static pagse and add a dynamic list that has the filtering for each other additional filters?

Thanks Dfink thats possible but too many pages.

Im now drifting towards having the category page filtered courses per category and still use the finsweet filter to filter just the jurisdiction.

Now to manage the clients expectations :slight_smile:

I am really new to Webflow but am also trying to add filtering to my site. I tried Finsweets nice and easy filtering method but deciced to to ahead with MixItUp instead because of the pagination feature in combination with filtered content.

MixItUp has something called Filtering by URL, maybe that could work in your case:

If there’s too many pages to do them separate, you likely will hit the dynamic list limit of 20 lists per page on your template page anyway.