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CMS Collection Videos take too long to load, Crashing on Mobile. Solutions?

Hi All,

I’m having this trouble with the ‘Virtual Classes’ section for a client. They are transitioning much of their business online in light of the pandemic shutting down much of their in-person business. I was attempting to add a “sorting” feature by using tabs for different classes but what that has done is made it so that there are too many collections items on one page pulling from Vimeo. The page takes forever to load and the site crashes on mobile.

What are my options for a work around here?

Ultimately, my client will need a place to collect links from hundreds of different videos as they continue to teach online and virtually. How do I make it so the site can handle that many collection items and that we can sort it with out taking too long to load or crashing? Will Mixitup3 work here? Will I have to configure different pages for the sorting function?

This is a bit urgent as we’re expecting a potential shutdown here in Austin any time now and my client will have to move their business completely online once again. Any help you can provide is supremely helpful. Thanks in advance!

  • Colin

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