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How do I make a video collection that loads quickly?


I am having an issue with the video page on my site, and am not sure how to properly structure video collections.

I run a comedy show that records each of their shows, we then cut each one into sets. We also make original works, outside of the show. I wanted to make a video page that had two tabs–live from show and original work. I made a collection called videos with different fields set up to differentiate, so that my comedy partners could upload videos through the cms.

The idea is that when someone vistis our page, they can scroll through the live recordings and click on a performer or date if they wanted to see more. Or they can click the original work tab and see all our shorts. The problem is that there are already so many videos that the page just won’t load. I have around 40 videos and it seems like webflow can’t handle loading all of them. If i visit the site on the phone, this page wont’ load at all.

Is there another way to display videos from a collection on a page and have it load reliably? How many videos can reasonably show on a page? If I need to break it up into page 1, page 2, page 3 etc. how do I do this within a collection? I know I can limit how many items from a collection show in a dynamic list, and sort it by date updated, but I don’t know how to make a “second page” that would also have a limited view sorted by date updated, but skipping all the items that are on that first page.

Any help or advice y’all could give me I would much appreciate! I currently can’t work on the video page of my site because webflow can’t even load it on the backend, it slows all work down to a crawl.

Thank you!

Oh! And here is my public link:

Yeah, your site crashed my browser twice. I have no idea why the vimeo videos are causing this extremely slow load time. @cyberdave can you chime in?

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