CMS Collection nesting?

Hi all - losing my mind over something I thought was going to be so easy ><"

Any ideas on how I can nest cms items inside my folder structure?

Main folder title

  • Sub folder title
    – Sub folder documents

Any help on how to integrate this design to be cms friendly would be super appreciated.


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Hey Duncan! If I understand correctly, you should be able to use a field in your CMS collection to indicate which folder it belongs to. Then, in your design, you can filter the list by the folder name. Does that help?

@parker that would be helpful - which field in the CMS collection would I use to indicate which folder an item belongs to? Thanks!

Hey Duncan, here’s a quick walkthrough with screenshots of how I would set up your CMS:

  1. Create a collection called ‘Folders’

  2. Add a reference field to your ‘Files’ collection and link it to the ‘Folders’ collection

  3. Select the appropriate folder for each ‘Files’ collection item

Let me know if that makes sense! I can help out with the next step (filtering) if you’d like. :slight_smile:

Hey Parker - fantastic. Thanks so much for helping out here! I’m finished setting up my CMS as you suggested.

A few questions:

  • As you can see, I have these sub-headings underneath the folder titles - is there a way to integrate this into the CMS setup?
  • Regarding the documents pertaining to each ‘File’ collection, how do you suggest I integrate the option for adding documents, as some files will have more documents than others.
  • Re: documents, they’ll either be word, pdf, or excel docs. Is there a way to match the document with their respective icons?

That should be it. I really appreciate your help here. I had no idea bout the power of reference fields but it seems to be the answer.

Thanks again.

Hey @parker - I think I figured out how to include the sub-headings by just creating another text field in my ‘folders’ collection called sub-headings and linking to that.

What I’m still confused about is

a) how to add multiple sub folders to a main folder item. For example, I have my main folder titled “PreVenture Implementation Resources” with 3 subfolders, and “PreVenture General Information” with 1 subfolder. Currently, I can’t figure out how to add multiple sub-folders to my main folders, without having all of my main folders consist of that same number of subfolders.

b) adding documents to the subfolders - same question. How to add multiple documents to some of the subfolders, and perhaps only 1 or none to others.

Thanks for any insight here. Really appreciate it.


@vincent - this is the project I just referenced to you on Twitter re-cms nesting.

I know you said it’s not a possibility, but do you think I can achieve a similar effect with a workaround? Or should I just simplify the whole thing and nix my current folder structure setup.

Thanks for taking a look if you have a minute.


Do you think it’s possible to create this effect with symbol overrides?

Hey Duncan, any updates / “solutions” ?


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