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Background CMS Image for Section That Holds CMS Collection (Nested Collection?)

Ok, so I am running into a frustrating CMS issue. Hoping a Webflow expert here can help me understand if this is possible or find some compromise (maybe with some custom code) or confirm that I have run into a dynamic limitation. If this is in fact a limitation then I really feel this is something Webflow should address asap as it’s really hard to make a website fully dynamic without being able to nest other collections within each other.

I figured it would be much easier make a video describing my issue which you can watch here: WATCH VIDEO. The video is pretty long lol… I apologize. Just wanted to be as thorough as possible.

Just want to say thanks in advance to anyone who can point me in the right direction on how this may be solved :grin::webflow_heart:

Here is my public share link: VIEW HERE

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I am having the same problem, if you find the solution elsewhere please post it here too.
Thank you