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Cms collection limited entries

I have 115 posters - so 115 entries in one cms collection, but only ever do 100 posters show up. Is there some kind of limit being applied somehow?

Yes there is a limit, see this helpful post ► [LIST] Feature Availability & Limits

As @RoseWebStudio says each list will only display 100, but you could add an extra collection list to the same page - tick the ‘limit items’ in the second collection list and set it to display from 101-115…

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Great thanks I thought so.

100 posters are probably plenty for anyone to scroll anyway - hence me referring to 100 posters - but perhaps I will split them into 2 collections.

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aha - thats smart - as they are all there in the cms collection. I would probably need to turn off random order though I guess.

Yes that’s quite a few to scroll through, this should be useful going forward as well if you are into ecommerce

Yep, I think you will - and if you want really fine control you can add a # number field and give each item an exact place in the order…