CMS Collection Issue Oct 23

Hey team,

Anyone else having issues with CMS collections? Cant seem to select content fields from the drop down, all the dropdown opens it will not allow an item to be selected.

Obviously need to get this fixed.


No issues here. Try exiting the page, then back in. Also, check your browser console for errors.

tried that, shut down, clear my cache etc. There seems to be other people having the same issue with:

  1. CMS items showing wrong content
  2. CMS pages getting 404 errors as picked up by Google Anylytics
  3. CMS links not working

Bit disapointed considering they working fine then all of a sudden ,not working.

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I haven’t seen any current issues outside of the localization bug with /en/ paths.
Try disabling all of your browser extensions, that’s a primary cause of designer UX issues.
Esp. ad blockers.