CMS Collection images EXPORT

How to backup or export all the images in the CMS I’ve created

Here is my public share link:

Currently the only way to back up images uploaded to a CMS item, is to export the collection data as a CSV. In this CSV, you’ll see the URL to your images.

At this time there isn’t a “one click download” function to download all images uploaded into a Collection.

You can export your Webflow CMS.

I made an video on our discord server that shows, how you can use the Webflow CMS, but export all the html, css, js and assets in one click.

The video especially shows how you export Webflow Static or CMS into AWS S3 Automated (its 2 parts) with the app Stacket

I am not allowed to share here the website URL since it gets marked as spam, but here is the discord server that contains the 2 videos:


I shared here the 2 Videos:

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