CMS Collection image compression?

Dear webflowers,

Can we compress images (and change format from png to webp) in the CMS Collection Blog the same way it is done in the website Assets section?

Thank you for helping out!

No. My preferred way to do this for clients is using a reverse proxy setup, because I can automate the WEBP and resizing optimizations and edge cache the results. The performance boost is awesome.

Drop me a message if you need one implemented.

Sounds interesting. Do you mean adding a plugin to the website?
After that all images we upload to the CMS can be resize, compacted and converted to WEBP?

Hi Peter,

It’s not a plug-in, it’s a reverse-proxy layer that automatically optimizes your images as WEBPs and edge-caches them so that they’re as geographically as near to your visitors as possible.

It does the same for your HTML so we typically see a 10 to 20 point boost in lighthouse scores, even without any other site optimizations.

The details and pricing are here-

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Ok, thanks.
We will study that and come back to you when will reach another step of improving website.