Webp in CMS [ tell me how to convert to Webp]


Finally, we can use a WebP.
and just 1 Click. this is really nice job.

but I realize now.
[[[[ CMS image are not change to Webp. ]]]]
Dose someone knows how convert CMS image to WebP?

my site. https://www.non-haru.com/
good night Japan

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This has been discussed already in the forums and Webflow’s documentation in the University. Please check before you post.

TLDR; Not supported at this time. You can use your own manual process or wait until it is.

Hi Jeff, is there a rough timeline for when we can expect webp conversion/optimization to be added for cms elements? Thanks

@tc_myers - I wouldn’t know as I am not on Webflow’ s team and they don’t telegraph upcoming features or fixes except publicly. I am using custom code with Image CDN’s to solve the issue of both auto format, responsive generation, and optimization. I am available for hire should you need assistance.