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CMS Background Color Problems


I am trying to use the “Get BG Color From…” Collection style setting but it isn’t showing up in the published view. In the designer, I can see the different colors for each page but they are either transparent or not registering when published. I’ve tried adding a default BG color on the elements properties and it just overwrites the color completely. I tried making it transparent and also hiding the color as well. Any Ideas?

Here are some screenshots to show what I mean:

Here is my public share link:

Hi. Looks like you have some interaction - problem (The color bg works fine). Add publish link.

Anyway - i dont know why you need CMS for this Bars (The text inside is static + 3 bars you duplicate manually - this is not dynamic list).

Maybe this tutorial will help you:

I’m using CMS because there are many clients and each one will have different numbers on the bars. But the published version is not showing the BG color for me as shown in the second screenshot. Here is the public link:

Ok now i see. Wait for Webflow staff answer - this is a Bug (Also the “BROADWAY CAFE” middle line not showing).

In the CSS thier is no Background for the line (But the element his thier - inspect element).
The bars in the CSS is with White background.

For COLORS do you know this Feature (Swatches)?

Try the same animation on Static content (To know is this related to the CMS object -or- specific animation bug)

The middle bar in the heading is getting its color from the clients primary color in the CMS. Same as the bars. It isn’t showing up for the same reason the bars aren’t showing up, because the color isn’t registering. The size of the bars are not supposed to be dynamic they stay the same no matter what. It’s just the numbers ON THE BARS that changes. My ONLY PROBLEM is that the BG COLOR doesn’t show up.