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Background colour not working!

My sites background colour has decided to stop working. I have it set to white yet it does not show up at all when I have published the site. - You can see it when you scroll down

Hi @kieranhanna1991! Please include your troubleshooting link or send it to me in a PM if you prefer.

You can find it in your Website’s General Settings under the favicon. It looks like this:

|200xauto here it is. Thanks

In my tests, all of the background colors seem to be working. Can you take a screenshot and post your browser details, so that we can try and pinpoint the issue?

sorry I didnt reply that to you properly. Here it is. Thanks. I am really stuck

It seems to be showing OK for me, but could be related to your cache. Have you tried resetting your browser cache after you republish? Does it show up the same in different browsers (e.g. opening the published site in Firefox)?

Thank you so much. Yeah it was the f&*kin cache. I spent hours trying to figure out what was wrong and thanks to you it’s one less thing I have to worry about. Cheers!

@kieranhanna1991 I think I found the issue.

First, select the body element:

Then, delete the background image and you should see the body background color again.

Glad I could help! We’re working on ways to automatically bust the cache on publish, so you and others don’t have to worry about this in the future.

Thanks for the help but it seems clearing the cache solved the problem!