Set default color for CMS – "Get Color From"

Hi there, is it possible to set a default color for all of the “get color from” fields in CMS? At the moment, I have divs which are getting background color. For those posts that do not have an assigned color, I would like the default to be something other than gray. Is this possible? When I try setting the color from the style palette in the page template, the CMS overrides it with gray for the default.

Assign a bg color to the element, normally. When there’s no CMS color defined, it will default to that color.

So I thought, but as I mentioned, it seems to be getting overridden by the color gray as a default from the CMS. Any other ideas?

Here I’ve defined yellow as a default bg color for the item div, and bound its bg color to a CMS field. I also didn’t specify a color in the CMS for the 2 first items.

The yellow is well preserved as a default bg color.

Thank you so much for the demo – what I believe might have been happening is gray was being applied to all of the built-in test posts provided by Webflow during testing. All new posts seem to take on the styles correctly. An odd bug but consider this one solved!

Interesting. The collection you see is a built by Webflow collection using the “generate items” function. Of course it filled the color fields, all of them. So to get the yellow I had to delete the color value for those two items.

Those posts were all generated before a color field existed so no colors were selected; the fields were blank, which spawned by initial question.