CMS API publishing from database shows alt. image text *with* alt text now? Can't find on Designer or Assets

Hi there,

I regularly use automation to publish from a Notion database to Webflow Collection CMS and I’ve always created a text field in the database and in the CMS for my image alt. text so that I didn’t have to add it later, manually, on the designer side.

Yesterday I published some blogs to CMS and saw this:

Mapping the fields there is a spot for alt text above my own spot for alt text.

I’m having trouble figuring out if that actually transfers because I can’t see it in the CMS and I can’t see it in the Design Assets.

Anyone know?

Would be rad to be able to eliminate using a second CMS field for the alt text automation like I have been.


PS — Assuming this question doesn’t require seeing my site, but let me know if it does and I’ll add it! Just noticing the new addition to the API mapping I do on Make.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Oh, and I opened the link for the uploaded image and inspected the HTML but don’t see it there.


Oh, when I go to publish the page with the image’s alt text set to “use asset alt. text” instead of the CMS field, I don’t get a warning from the audit.

I am thinking that is a good sign that it works? Still not confirmed though.


Couple days later and I realized if I inspect element on an image I did use CMS field for alt. img. text (or manual entry in Designer or preemptive manual entry in Assets).

So I did that. CTRL-F for “alt” and there is the full text I wrote, easy to find.

**** SO — this means the API “module” on Make (Integromat) which has an “alt img” field with any image, doesn’t actually work. ****

Hopefully they know this. I’ve had to go back to the old module for a few automations because it has issues finding pages. However I am excited that I can use it to add images to the Design assets. I know there was a way to place an image into a CMS collection item from your assets using the URL or something … I’ll have to google again … but that could be helpful particularly because I’m presuming that the alt. img. field might actually work when adding images to assets. Just not to CMS.

So for now I am suck using up two CMS collection item fields for every image on every blog. c’est la vie.

I’m really disappointed in the updated module in general so far. Hoping it was just released too early… There is no way to search collection items. You must use the Collection ID.

I spent hours trying to set up a simple automation to switch a “daily” switch field on and another off every day and it was impossible. Even if I pulled all the entries in the collection (?!) and then use the filter feature Make has, I could not for the life of me get my CMS collection date field to match up with the same kind of date field in the filter. I tried parsing. I tried formatting.

I’d recommend they check out the Notion module on Make. The “Search Objects” option is a solve-all. I can search any of the fields in any database to find what I need.

Short of adding another automation to put the name of the entry ID in my Notion database so that, every day, it can find that and then back and forth and before you know it, I’m upgrading Make again to use enough tasks to automate.

I should note that, Zapier’s built in AI set up the automation to do the daily and weekly switch for me (!!!) — but I ran out of Zaps this month from updating so many blogs. (Plus I’d love to ditch Zapier forever. It is a burden on my overhead costs.

I would add a preview link to the site but don’t want any images without alt. img. text. I’ll add one here when I have a moment to set up a random page just for this purpose to illustrate.

You should upvote this on Webflow’s Wishlist page, if you haven’t already: Add Alt Text to Assets API | Webflow Wishlist