CMS and ALT Tags

Hi, I’ve created a CMS collection page that pulls case studies in from the CMS.

I’ve added ALT tags to the images, but it’s essentially the same tags for all the projects rather than on each individual image. Due the the layout I don’t think multi-image fields is an option. Is there a way to do this?

Here’s a link to the page:


You need to create an ALT tag field and connect it to the CMS collection:

Thanks, I’ll take a look

Just got around to looking at this, it doesn’t work any differently to just filling in the ALT field above when working on CMS collection pages.

It is different, if you use the option above all the images will have the same ALT tag

So does the option the of creating a field when using CMS collection page, I tested it yesterday.

Never mind, thanks for replying anyway.