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Clothing Store & Boutique now online

Dressed Boutique Is now live. Feedback is welcome.

Nice one Jason.

You may want to adjust your thresholds, for example, on this view, scrolling down, this section is still prevalent but already fades away. You can achieve the same result by making it fade away when the text block has already started to leave the screen.


@vincent Thanks for the feedback. I’ve looked at that a few times…ultimately we decided the client liked it bringing focus to just one section of text at a time and let the rest be visual. They are sharing and testing with a small group over the next few days so se well see if that feedback comes from the group.

What size monitor are you on?

Thanks again for the feedback. Always appreciate your attention to details!

27inches imac

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Nice site.

Only issue I found was the grid around the instagram images.

The images looked a little dis-jointed… not symmetrical.

@revolution Thanks! That grid is because the client is adding a boarder to some of the photos prior to uploading them to Instagram. Hopefully, they will take my advice and either add the same border to all or none at all :smile: Eventually, I hope they decide to replace that are with an Ecwid store or maybe whatever the new store integration from the new Webflow CMS is.

I appreciate the feedback!

@jdesign love it, keep up the awesome work!


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