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Clients can't edit lightbox images?

Hey everyone. I am building for a client, and I just realized they can’t use the editor to change/update the images inside of a lightbox gallery.

I tried using the CMS to link a collection to a lightbox, but that doesn’t work either. It will only tile multiple lightboxes/lightbox thumbs across the page then… I tried lots of tweaking, including using the Multi-Image field in a collection, but I can’t get the images to load into the lightbox.

We want to have three tattoo galleries for the three types of tattoos (color, black and gray, and coverup tattoos), but the client also has to be able to change/update the images through the editor.

Any ideas?

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Hi Gene,

Apologies if doesn’t answer you questions, but not sure if this tutorial helps at all

Means that images can be tied to a lightbox, but controlled through the CMS editor (so client should be able to edit/add to).


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Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, I tried this method and it did not work. Apparently, you can only use this method on a collection page template. This website is a single-page site, so I need to be able to do it on a normal page.

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Hi Gene,
Ever get this figured out?