Can a lightbox image be added/modified by client through the CMS?

I’ve added a few lightbox images to a client’s site, not realising they would want to change them. Is it possible for the client to update these via the CMS without adding them to a collection?

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Burley Labs

Hi Lee, I’m seeing 3 sliders on the page link you sent, but no lightboxes?
Not sure where you’re wanting us to look.

You can use lightboxes with the CMS in several ways-

  1. Put a lightbox inside of a collection list, and fill it with the content you want. Bind it to the image or media you want.
  2. Put a lightbox on a collection page and do the same

If you’re building a gallery, you can do the above, or you can use a multi-image field. To lightbox the multi-image field contents you need;

  1. a nested collection list ( which has a limit of 5 ), or
  2. you need to drop a collection list on the collection page and bind it directly to that multi-image field, then you can proceed as #1